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Perth man pleads with council to embrace his high-tech turf 'driveway'

Updated: Jan 3, 2018


A patch of high-tech turf is proving a head-scratcher for a Perth council, with regulations struggling to comprehend a driveway neither concreted nor paved. 

The driveway installed by Bayswater architect Pablo Segnini uses 'Grass-Cel' turf pavers, made of porous recycled plastic overlaid with soil and seeded with grass.

They take the brunt of a car while allowing grass to grow undamaged.

Mr Segnini and his wife brought the product over from Canberra and engaged a landscaper to install it, ending up with a $3500 'driveway' irrigated with a bore they installed for the purpose.

But when council workers noticed his innovation, they were taken somewhat aback. They pointed out that councils had their own specifications on 'crossovers' - as driveways are termed - concrete or paving only.

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